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studies in gender and sexuality 24 4.pdf
Includes articles on: a psychoanalytical approach toward intersectionality, identity, and hegemony; COVID-19 and violence against the LGBTI+ community in favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; affective gaslighting and rape culture; and more.

Contents include articles on: sexual harassment and sexual violence in the music industry; the nature of domestic violence experienced by Black and minoritised women and specialist service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic; coercive control…

Contents include articles on: effects of the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme on 'the bad apples'; perceptions of safety and experiences of gender-based violence at UK music festivals; feminism, power, and politics in policing rape research;…

Contents include: articles on The Ties that Bind: Public Opinion and Linked Fate among Women of Color; “What about the Rapists?” The Political Psychology of Women’s Policing Attitudes; Gender Candidate Evaluations and Campaign Donations; and more.

Contents include: articles on Narrating Legal Reform: The Open Letter and the Anti-rape Movement in Perspective; Iron in the Soul: Two-Child Norm in Population Policies Again; Technology, Gender and Fishing in an Odisha Village; and more.

YaleJournal vol. 33 no. 2.pdf
Contents include: articles on Sexual Dignity and Rape Law; Sex, Suffrage, and State Constitutional Law: Women's Legal Right to Hold Public Office; and more.

JFSR 37, 1.pdf
Contents include: Imbusa as a Return to the Divine: Sexual Desire,
Gender, and Female Ritual in Bemba Mythology; To the Trans Woman Visiting Holy Cross Monastery for a Week I Pray Hard for Feathers; The Trauma-Informed Classroom; and more.

Contents include: articles on Black Women's Psychiatric Incarceration at Georgia Lunatic Asylum in the Nineteenth Century, Black Working-Class Women and the Nurse Training Program at the Taborian Hospital, 1940s-1960s, The National Black Women's…

Contents include: articles on Blurred lines: Technologies of heterosexual coercion in “sugar dating," “I want you to help me, you’re family”: A relational approach to women's experience of distress and recovery in the perinatal period, “We will make…
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