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Contents include: articles on Gender Reflections on the (Post)Pandemic in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Contents include: articles on Feminisms and Politics in the Interwar Period; Polish-Jewish Female Writers and the Women's Emancipation Movements in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries; Between Transnational Cooperation and Nationalism;…

Contents include: articles on Language, Gender, and Social Processes;Gender neutral proper names: current situation and perspectives; Gender-Balanced Slovak in Contemporary Society and more.

Contents include: articles on do Czech Women Need ‘Gender’?: A Conceptual History of ‘Gender’ in Czechia; Queering Assamese Bihu Festival Performance; Exploring the Experiences of Women Social Entrepreneurs: Advancing Understandings of ‘Emotional…

Contents include: articles on Toy stories: The role of vibrators in domestic intimacies; Navigating a heteronormative world: Cisgender women, transgender partnerships, sexual identity, and language; Generations of BDSM Czech style: The elimination of…

Contents include: articles on thirty years of scholarship in the women and criminal justice journal, women's risk and needs assessment in the Czech Republic, domestic violence legislation in Greece, and more.

Contents include: articles on feminist geopolitical perspectives on Latin American refugees and migrants, gendered mobilities and transnational identities, book reviews, and more.
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