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Contents include: Special Issue: Old Age in the Wake of Simone de Beauvoir / La vieillesse après Simone de Beauvoir

Contents include: Special Issue: Situating Masculinities / Situer les masculinités

Contents include: articles on Risking Life Versus Giving Life; Sex, Love, and Letters: Writing Simone de Beauvoir; À propos des Inséparables de Simone de Beauvoir; and more.

Contents include: articles on Translating and Reading The Second Sex in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s, Restricted Access
A Systemic Functional Perspective on the Controversy surrounding the Two English Translations of Simone de Beauvoir’s Iconic…

Contents include: articles on Lessons from Beauvoir for a Transnational Feminist Ethics, Restricted Access On Bad Faith and Authenticity, When Living Is Only Not Dying, and more.
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