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Contents include: Selected Essays from Women in French International Conference 2022

Contents include: articles on Berthe Morisot's Subversive Objectification of Women, La poetique de la menstruation selon Emma Santos et Severine Daucourt, "Sluttish" Annie: Ernaux's "Memoire de fille," female agency, and empowerment, and more.

Contents include: articles on sustainability and gender in Rousseau's model families, rewriting patriarchal ventriloquism, women investigators in contemporary Quebecois literature tv series, and more.

This is a special conference volume of selected essays from the Women in French International Conference of 2018.

Contents include: articles on gender and genre, sexual politics on stage, cosmopolitanism and feminism, book reviews, and more.

This is a special issue on women and traveling.
Contents include: articles on the gendered ecology of travel, political exile, fictional women travelers in plays by women, and more.

This is a special issue on Women in Martinican Literature.
Contents include: articles on Saint-Pierre and the language of loss in white Creole women's narratives, Maurice-Quentin de la Tour's 1761 portrait of Marie-Josephe of Saxony, and more.
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