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  • Collection: Feminist Periodicals, vol. 42, no. 1, Winter 2022

Contents include: articles on Criminalizing Violence against Women in Politics: Innovation, Diffusion, and Transformation, Gender and Violence against Political Candidates: Lessons from Sri Lanka, Do Elites Discriminate against Female Political…

Contents include: articles on Becoming with Toxicity: Chemical Epigenetics as "Racializing and Sexualizing Assemblage," Maria W. Stewart, Ethnologist and Proto-Black Feminist, Female Freedom and the Neapolitan Novels (Part 2), and more.

Contents include: articles on Artistic memory and Roma women’s history through an intersectional lens: The Giuvlipen Theater, ‘Fear of walking home alone’: Urban spaces of fear in youth nightlife, The gender wage gap in the public and private…

Contents include: special issue - The Unexpected Caribbean, Part II

Contents include: articles on Female migrants in China: Second child fertility behavior and employment stability, Re-making the self: Discourses of ideal Islamic womanhood in Kerala, Exercising agency: A Bourdieusian account of Iranian feminist…

Contents include: articles on Special Issue: Feminist Loneliness Studies.

Contents include: articles on Special Issue: Feminist Psychology and Open Science: Challenges and Opportunities.

Contents include: articles on Special Issue: LGBT End of Life.

Contents include: articles on Blurred lines: Technologies of heterosexual coercion in “sugar dating," “I want you to help me, you’re family”: A relational approach to women's experience of distress and recovery in the perinatal period, “We will make…

Contents include: articles on Judicial Approaches to the Criminalisation of Marital Rape, Gender Discourses and the Making of the Indian Constitution, Gendered Technologies: Youth, Gender and Mobile Phones in Chennai City, and more.
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