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  • Collection: Feminist Periodicals, vol. 42, no. 3, Summer 2022

Contents include: articles on Feminist Advocacy in Africa: Voices and Actions

Contents include: articles on What Type of Person Has an Abortion?; Obfuscation and the Growing Usage of Gender-Neutral Pronouns; and more.

Contents include: Women Writers in the Beat Generation; "Everything is Rea"l: Articulating Autofiction; Five Poems by Molly Peacock; and more.

Women's Reproductive Health-cover.pdf
Contents include: articles on Self-Managed Abortion: Strategies for Support by a Global Feminist Movement; Voicing Abortion Experiences to Reduce Stigma: Lessons from an Online Storytelling Platform in Mexico; Use of Reproductive Health Services in…

Women and Crim Justice cover.pdf
Contents include: articles on Female Inmates: Coping with Imprisonment and Separation from Family and Friends; The Impact of Fair Relationships on Rule Compliance for Women under Community Supervision; Exploring Friendship Experiences among…

Contents include: Special Issue: A Gender-Responsive Recovery: Ensuring Women's Decent Work and Transforming Care Provision

hypatia 37.3.pdf
Contents inclue: "Special Issue: Decolonial Feminism in Latin Améfrica: An Essential Anthology"

Contents include: articles on Around the World: Frente Bissexual Brasileira, Brazil; Dodgeball and Wine Labels: How Media Harmed and Helped Me on My Bi+ Journey; Growing Up Queer and Neurodivergent: Emerging Understandings of Myself Through Pop…

FemFormations 34.2.pdf
Contents include: articles on "First Wave" Friendships: Ann Plato and Black Feminist Praxis; A Queer Dig: Kanaka Maoli Gendered and Temporal; Female Dominated? Male Monopolies in the Social Science PhD Seminar; and more.

Contents include: articles on Playing with power: Kink, race, and desire; Mess up the empire: Deploying and disrupting homonationalism; The sagacity of the surround: The casual sex-assemblages of young adults; and more.
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