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  • Collection: Feminist Periodicals, vol. 40, no. 2, Spring 2020

Contents include: special issue on American women's writing and the genealogies of queer thought.

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Contents include articles on: "The Singleness of The Poetry" by Yvonne Thomas, "Laocoon" by Eva Hesse, "The Dinner Party" curatorial context by Judy Chicago, and more.

Contents include articles on: the hashtag "#periodsarenotaninsult," menstrual management and the negotiation of failed femininities, book reviews, and film reviews.

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Contents include: articles on breastfeeding and scientific motherhood, fat and the female body in Flannery O'Connor, women's time in Penelope Fitzgerald's "The Blue Flower," and more.

WRB 37.3-final (1).pdf
Contents include: various reviews on books by women authors.

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Contents include articles on: adding women to the U.S. Constitution, abortion restrictions, a feminist foreign policy, and more.

Herizons Spring 2020 (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on Black beauty culture, tarot, feminism of comic creator Julie Doucet, and more.

WRB 37.2 (FINAL) (1).pdf
Contents include: various reviews on books by women authors.

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Contents include: articles on Issa Rae, women who pay for sex, and math and the patriarchy

Contents include: articles on heteronormative healthcare, PTSD, astrology, and more.
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