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Contents include: articles on objectification of fashion models as a situated practice, South African bisexual women's treatment of gender binaries, the role of digital evidence in criminal justice responses to sexual violence, and more.

Contents include: articles on Outness, Discrimination, and Depressive Symptoms Among Bi + Women: The Roles of Partner Gender and Sexual Identity, Bisexuality and Health Care, Janelle Monáe vs. Katy Perry: Depiction of Bi + Identities and Relationship…

Contents include: articles on The Impact of Provider Biphobia and Microaffirmations on Bisexual Individuals’ Treatment-Seeking Intentions, Diverse Bisexual Women’s Sexual Assault Experiences and Effects on Bisexual Identity, Binegative Myths in…

Contents include: articles on The construction of heterosexual men’s sexual selves and the hierarchy of desirability, Male homosocial bonds and perceptions of human–robot relationships in an online sex doll forum, Students, sex work and negotiations…

Contents include: articles on Apuntes para pensar el campo editorial en clave feminista. El caso argentino contemporáneo, Disciplina y violencia contra las mujeres en la prensa del siglo XIX. Divergencia comparativa entre México y España, Linn da…

Contents include: articles on Animals Are Comrades Too, No One Wants To Work Anymore, Bisexual World, Where Are You? and more.

BiWomenQuarterly 40.1.pdf
Contents include: articles and entries centered around the theme, 'Traditions'.

BiWomenQuarterly 40.2.pdf
Contents include: articles and entries centered around the theme, 'Bi+ Health'.

Contents include: articles on Playing with power: Kink, race, and desire; Mess up the empire: Deploying and disrupting homonationalism; The sagacity of the surround: The casual sex-assemblages of young adults; and more.
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