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Contains articles on: writing women into the history of philosophy; women and freedom of canonical thought; American women in the transcendental and pragmatist movements; and more.

Contents include: articles on Keeping Girls in Schools Longer: The Kanyashree Approach in India; Shecession: The Downfall of Colombian Women During the Covid-19 Pandemic; The Gendered Relationship Between Temporary, Informal Employment and Wages:…

Contents include: articles on ‘we are not like them’: reinventing modernity within tradition in the debates on female khatna / female genital cutting in India; the Colombian Truth Commission’s work on reproductive violence: gendered victimhood and…

journal of gender studies.png
Contents include articles on: the identity negotiations of Chinese women journalists in the field of digital journalism; female perspectives in the world of advertising; young people's constructions of gender norms and attitudes towards violence…

Women and Criminal Justice vol33 no1to6.pdf
Contains articles on: examining the decriminalization of adultery in India, gender and the strategic and tactical logic of Boko Haram's suicide bombers, far-right violent extremist women, female crime and delinquency, and more.

Feminism and Psychology vol 33 no 3.pdf
Contents include articles on: researcher positionality and affect in research on gendered vulnerabilities, towards a theoretical framework for identifying institutional failures that violate rights, activist perspectives from the global feminisms…

Contains articles on: keeping girls in schools longer, an examination of business ownership and housework burdens in black and white US couples, school closures and work hours during the COVID-19 pandemic in Austria, and more.

spring 2023.pdf
Contents include: articles on Salons, Patronage Networks, and the Self-Representation of Three Seventeenth-Century French Women of Science; India’s Everywomen in the Early Modern Archive; Female Community, Identity, and Icon: Honoring the Madonna…

Contents include: articles on Fields, features, and filters: how dating applications construct sexual fields and romantic and erotic capital; Swedish poly utopia: Dreams, revolutions, and crushed hopes; Drawgasms: Playing with expectations and…
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